Calendar of progress of a child with enuresis

Calendar of progress of a child with enuresis

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How to measure the evolution of the progress of an enuretic child? When it comes to dealing with bed wetting, it's really important to stay positive and always praise the child's efforts to avoid it. Ignoring the problem or trusting that it will go away will probably only make it worse in the long run, for both the family and the child.

To help you cope positively with the fact that your child wets the bed, we have devised some tools that will be useful to you and will help you to support your child, and that, surely, they will guarantee you drier nights in the future.

These tools are specifically designed to help you keep track of your child's progress when you discuss together the fact that he wets the bed. For example, they can help you discover patterns that will help you predict why your child wets the bed some nights and not others; Or maybe activities that take place on certain days of the week can make it more likely to wet the bed, such as playing sports, etc.

Once your child starts to stop wetting the bed for a few nights, it's time to start tracking his progress. Must take into account:

- The use of a rewards program It's a great way for you and your child to cope with bed-wetting together. However, remember that in the early stages the nights without wetting the bed will often be few and far between, so don't allow your child to get discouraged and demotivated in the early stages, as that would lead to a negative response .
- The rewards they must be small and valuable to the child.
- Make sure to set behaviour rulesWhen the child wets the bed, such as taking care of wet sheets and changing clothes himself. It is also important to reward the child when these rules are followed.
- Always remember that you have to reward positive behaviors, not nights without wetting the bed, since this way you are more likely to achieve long-term success.

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