Careful! Pregnant on board

Careful! Pregnant on board

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Despite the sad disasters of recent times, the plane remains the safest and fastest means of public transport of how many exist, even for pregnant women. Ticket prices go up and down, but no one can imagine a world without them unless something comes along that surpasses them in comfort and efficiency.

For a pregnant woman to travel peacefully and without worries by plane, some care and clear ideas are necessary. Nothing that is said about the harm caused by pressurized cabins and low oxygen levels is true. There is also no scientific evidence that metal detectors harm babies.

It is true, on the other hand, that the nausea and discomfort that some women suffer in the first trimester of pregnancy may increase due to the pressure difference and that in case of suffering any complication, especially if you have a risky pregnancy, you may not find specialized help as quickly as you need. This is why if you can choose the date of your trip, plan it for after the fourth or fifth month, undoubtedly the quietest stage of the period.

After the seventh month, many obstetricians recommend not to travel, and even several airlines prohibit it or require a medical certificate that guarantees that everything is in order. Actually, these days it is preferable not to go too far from home where the conditions must be ready to wait for the arrival of the new member of the family at any time.

If you are already in the air, that is, if the trip is already something decided, it is important that you take into account the following tips:

- Do not try to cross the world in one go, it is preferable to make several stops with intermediate rest days than to spend many hours of flight.

- During the trip frequently walk through the corridors, do not feel ashamed to disturb other passengers, as soon as they discover your status, they will understand.

- Use compression stockings, if you have doubts, consult your obstetrician about the brand, model ...

- Drink plenty of water, juices, dairy so that you stay hydrated.

- Wear comfortable clothes, no tight jeans or excessively high heels. Sneakers or platforms no more than 2 centimeters high are preferable.

- If possible take off your shoes.

- Bring an interesting book, listen to music, watch a movie ... do anything that gives you peace of mind and pleasure, probably on your next trip you will be too busy taking care of the baby who this time is a 'cop' inside you.

Hope Diaz

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