Choosing a babysitter, babysitter or caregiver for the children

Choosing a babysitter, babysitter or caregiver for the children

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Choosing the person who will take care of your children is not easy. It is a very important decision to have to delegate the care of children to someone else. The hardest part is finding the right person, the 'magical babysitter', who has experience and knowledge, which is what parents expect from a babysitter, au pair, nanny or caregiver.

In general, the care of the children is left to the grandparents or another relative, but when that is not possible, there is no choice but to leave the children in a nursery or nursery school, or with a babysitter or caregiver.

What criteria should parents have when choosing a person who will spend most of the day with their children? Follow some tips:

1- Start the search as soon as possible. You have to dedicate time to it. Personally interview each babysitter or caregiver candidate before making a decision. Ideally, it would be recommended by a friend or acquaintance.

2- It is not advisable for the babysitter to be under the age of 18. He would be too young for such a commitment. If your baby is less than two years old, it is advisable that her caregiver has studied childcare or already has a lot of experience with babies.

3- Puntuality, good hygiene and responsibility are essential. Good heart and good manners, too.

4- Have initiative, and knowledge of child development and first aid, that is, what is prepared as to possible problems: fevers, choking, falls, etc. Give him an imaginary emergency situation to see how he would react.

5- It is essential that you have Previous experiences and good personal and work references. Whoever cares for your child should have demonstrable knowledge in childcare or early childhood education. Don't trust appearances.

6- During the interview value initiative, patience, vocation, maturity and attitudes. A good caregiver will always prioritize the interests and needs of the child.

7- Both babies and children should be part of the interview so that parents can observe if there is emotional complicity in the nanny's contact with them. If you are loving and attentive to them.

8- Talk to him about his educational guidelines. Kangaroos who are all smiles and compliments must also be able to impose authority across boundaries.

9- The relationship between mother and kangaroo must be cooperation and complicity. A dominant caregiver, who wants to do things her way, is not advisable. There needs to be empathy between the babysitter and the parents, and the children.

10- Trust your common sense and try to convey security to the child when leaving it in the care of another person.

11- Establish an adaptation or trial period of at least 15 days. If possible, spend a few hours together at first.

12- Children are the best thermometer for identify if something is wrong with your babysitter. When the child begins to cry about everything, when he expresses with gestures or words that he does not want to be with his caregiver ... Many times it is a temporary situation, of adaptation, but if it persists, you have to intervene, observe, and talk with the babysitter.

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