Children's rights in the hospital: stay with me!

Children's rights in the hospital: stay with me!

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When a child falls ill, daily life is disrupted. The reconciliation of work and family life becomes very difficult and priorities are reversed. In practice, it is as if parents are also ill because we must interrupt our daily activities to be close to our child.

The child cannot go alone to his visit with the doctor, he cannot go alone for the tests because one day he has to be pricked and another day he must undergo an ultrasound. The situation is complicated when the disease is serious, requires surgery or a long hospital treatment.

At first, everyone turns upside down, even companies, but later, as time goes by, people's awareness changes and, in families in which both parents work, the stress due to the child's illness begins to have dramatic overtones.

Parents of children with cancer or any other serious illness, which entailed the hospitalization of the child, had to resort to tricks, such as obtaining false leave due to depression or anxiety, in order to be with their children and not lose their income. And it is estimated that the expenses of a family increase between 400 and 600 euros for medicines, special food and transportation, from the moment they know that their child's illness requires hospital admission.

Nail 3,000 families with children suffering from serious illnesses will be eligible for the subsidy approved by the Government (in Spain), which will regulate the employment situation of these parents thanks to the absence from work due to the illness of their child and the consequent financial aid from the State. The measure, originally intended for parents of children with cancer, will be extended to any other serious illness that requires hospital admission. This benefit allows you to cover a total absence or a reduction in working hours for parents who can combine their work with the care of their child in the hospital and it will not entail any expense for companies, since the salary cost is assumed by Social Security. Without a doubt, an example that should be followed in many more countries.

The European Charter of the Rights of Hospitalized Children already recognizes the right of children to be with their parents or legal guardians 24 hours a day. There are still many nuances that need to be outlined, but at least one necessary step has been taken. The new benefit is an oasis in the desert of disease, which will make it possible to never ask a parent to choose between their job and their child.

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